Algorithmic Trade Ideas

Flagship Feature
Our flagship feature is our algorithmically driven buy and sell signals. Our platform identifies volatile stocks with breakout potential in real-time, providing the ultimate edge for traders.

How Algorithm Signals Work
The platform runs over a million calculations and queries a minute, analyzing market movement in real-time looking for opportunities. When a potential opportunity is found, you're instantly alerted on our intuitive platform, or with SMS and email alerts.

Algorithm Performance
Since tracking performance, our signals have resulted in a total gain of 54,630%. To actually capture that gain however is likely not possible. You'd have to have perfect entries and exits.

What is intellitrade?
Real-Time algorithmic buy and sell signals. Earnings, ratings, news, and more. Access the information you need to trade successfully, all on one platform.

Platform Features

Smart Signals
Smart Signals are our algorithmic long/buy and short/sell signals. Our platform runs algorithms against millions of data points in real-time looking for opportunities. When an opportunity is detected, you get alerted.

Market Pulse
Our market pulse gives you access to lists of daily percent gainers/losers, price gainers/losers, stock halts, and gaps - all updated in real-time. The lists have both pre-market and post-market trading sessions data.

Catalyst Lists
Learn what's driving the market with our catalyst lists. Currently, we have analyst ratings and company earnings lists. These lists are updated in real-time, and completely filterable.

Market News
Read every headline and press release on a single page. You can filter news by keywords and prices.

SMS/Email Alerts
Create SMS and email alerts to alert you on criteria of your choosing.

You may create alerts to notify you when:
  • a piece of news comes out with certain keywords or phrases
  • a smart signal reaches a minimum gain of your choosing
  • a stock with a catalyst reaches a minimum gain of your choosing
  • a stock gets halted or unhalted

All of our lists and data are can be manipulated with custom filters. In most cases, you can define the filters to show specific market session data, stocks in a specific price range, and by catalysts.

Help Desk

If you have any questions or inquiries, please send an email to and we'll be happy to help you.


Intellitrade is committed to building world-class next-generation high-performance ultra-low-latency, high-frequency, ultra-high-throughput trading platforms. Reach out and learn how we can help you.